07 January, 2009

More on Moxxor's Omega 3 Content

Jeremy Harris, from Moxxor's scientific advisory board provides this information:

"...MOXXOR is the most powerful and effective all-natural omega-3 on the planet exclusively from the pure pristine ocean of New Zealand.

Firstly, MOXXOR greenlip mussel oil contains a large range of different fatty acid groups (lipid groups) one of which is the omega-3 family. Within the omega-3 family there are approximately 8 well represented omega-3 structures in both the triglyceride and phospholipids’ forms. Two of these structures are better known than others, namely EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA are not a measure of how effective a product is. These are just two common figures given by unethical companies in order to convince consumers that their product is the one to buy and use. This is a very simplistic approach that has no scientific merit or basis.

The clinical study on our MOXXOR website comparing common sources of omega-3 shows clearly that the effectiveness of a product has nothing to do with the very simplistic approach of how much EPA and DHA is actually in a product, but rather the synergistic results that both these compounds (EPA and DHA) help to provide combined with a large number of other forms of omega-3s found in the greenlip mussel in the correct ratios and structures. What this means in very specific terms is even though the EPA and DHA aren’t reading as high as one would naturally assume, the wellness benefit experienced and the superior effectiveness is due to the unique combination and structures of omega-3s found in the greenlip mussel. This unique ratio and collection of omega-3 structures are not found in salmon, krill, cod, or anywhere else in nature. Greenlip mussel oil is significantly more effective than any other natural form of omega-3 on the planet.

Results always speak louder than words or figures and if anyone takes the time to research the benefits of using greenlip mussel extract as a source of omega-3s they will be quickly convinced that this is the right approach in comparison to other natural sources of omega-3s.

The reason that MOXXOR provides a superior wellness experience to other products containing greenlip mussel extract is due to a number of steps in the treatment of the raw material and the unique proprietary processes used in MOXXOR’s production. The result of these combined proprietary steps is an extract that contains a lot more "polar" omega-3s, in particular in the phospholipids’ form than any other greenlip mussel extract. These “polar” forms of omega-3s which include the well known DHA and EPA (which can be either “polar” and “non-polar”) have been shown through clinical trials which are published on our website to be more readily available (bio-available) to form the necessary bonds with cells within the human body to provide therapeutic efficacy. MOXXOR greenlip mussel oil has significantly more “polar” omega-3s than other fish oil and greenlip mussel extracts.

This can be seen to be the case in a very simplistic manner with sources of fish oil such as cod and salmon that have undergone a refining process called esterfication that increases the amount of EPA and DHA -synthetically in order to advertise a higher than natural EPA and DHA figure in order to convince the ill-informed consumer that a particular product is superior. The clinical trials have proven that there is less benefit from this product received than from fish oils in their natural state, in fact some countries have banned this process for human consumption on the basis of the poor uptake into the body and the confusion it creates in the market-place.

MOXXOR on the other hand is completely natural with no synthetic adulteration of its natural ingredients and contains two forms of omega-3 oil (greenlip mussel oil and deep-sea marine oil) extracted from two clean natural sources that are sustainable, renewable, and well-managed resources. The greenlip mussel oil extract has clinical trials that prove beyond doubt its efficacy in the most bio-available form possible.

Actions always speak louder than words and the MOXXOR website provides a huge amount of well-written and scientifically based material to provide a well informed purchasing decision."

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