27 January, 2009

'FireProof' Released on DVD

'Fireproof' the movie was released on DVD today. You need to see it.

Hubby, our boys, and I went the weekend 'FireProof' was released in theaters. My 10 year old enjoyed it, too. He is still giggling about the salt and pepper shakers.

DH is a big movie buff, often taking the boys to see the newest release. I am quite discriminating when it comes to movies, so I do not often go with them. When I expressed an interest in seeing 'Fireproof,' he jumped at the chance to make it a family outing.

At first, Hubby was sure he would just endure 'FireProof' because it sounded like a chick flick to him. But he found himself drawn into the drama of it, even shedding a few tears on more than one occasion.

The movie opens on a very troubled marriage. Two people (Caleb and Catherine) who were once very much in love find themselves living totally separate lives. Sound like anyone you know? We found some of the dialog spookily familiar.

Both partners pretty much gave up on trying to save their marriage, even considering the Big D (divorce). I always admonish brides-to-be to strike the word from their vocabulary.

Enter a pair of 'meddling parents.' Thank God for them!

Caleb's parents recently found a new life in re-energizing their faith. This was handled in a way many may find a bit irritating. It is very evangelical Protestant in expression (let that part go - no movie is perfect).

Caleb's father pulls him aside and makes a dare: follow the program in this journal for 40 days before giving up completely on your marriage.

Caleb thinks the whole thing is hokey, but Dad won't take 'no' for an answer.

Caleb sets out on his quest. Unfortunately, Catherine does not respond as readily as he hoped. So Caleb gets discouraged.

Dad keeps urging him to continue, saying that when they used the program in their marriage, it was not originally successful either.

Catherine's co-workers give conflicting advice.

Caleb, however finds a amazing amount of support from some of his co-workers.

A number of complicating factors present themselves.

Hubby expected that this might be another man-bashing movie: it is always the man's fault that a marriage is in trouble and the poor clueless oaf has no recourse but to turn into a doormat to turn things around. In the end, he was gratified that Caleb became more of a hero for his striving.

Then there is a surprise revelation about the journal.

'Fireproof' played up the gender differences quite effectively. The editing in this regard was stunning.

Pick up a copy of the 'Fireproof' DVD and watch it, whether you are married or not. There are also a number of support materials for those who would like to improve their marriage, regardless of its current state of affairs (no pun intended).

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Jim said...

I definately noticed that the movie was heavily slanted towards the man being at fault. I was asking many questions during the film, wondering why she wasn’t accountable for her contributions to the failing marriage.

But alas, all the man’s changes seemed destined to doom since she seemed to have nothing to change herself. Not only was she was committing adultery, but with a married man (although I don’t think she knew).

Further, while the husband CONFIDED in a close friend about his marriage, the wife blabbed to all of her friends about what a horrible man he was. This, above all else for me, was the most grievous of the sins she committed.

Now that they are back together will she tell all those people about how wonderful he is? Yeah right…

While I respect what this film was trying to do, it was too much about the man trying to prove himself to the woman who should have been supporting him all along.

The husband had many legitimate gripes that I believe put their wrong doings on equal footing. If only the woman had tried has hard as he did!

Her flat refusal of his gestures was mind-boggling. "Let me be perfectly clear: I don't love you anymore" was just one of the many things she did to reject his attempts and holding their marriage together.