08 December, 2008

Health Tip of the Day

The key to attaining better health is to develop a strategy to incorporate healthy decisions, and ultimately habits, into your daily life. Focus your mind on health. See yourself as healthy, fit, and energetic. When you reach for something to put into your mouth, remember: nothing tastes as good as looking and feeling good feels. Anything you put in your mouth (or on your skin) will either help or harm you in the long run. There is no in between.

To truly achieve vibrant health you must know why you want it. Take time today to write down at least 10 reasons why vibrant health is important to you. Review your list every day. Add new reasons as they come to mind.

An excellent way to motivate yourself to achieve your goals is to write them down. Post your goals where you will see them often. As you accomplish your health goals, set new goals to keep moving you forward towards optimal fitness and well-being.

Write your goal on a small card, then laminate it. Keep this card next to your drivers license so you’ll never forget where you’re going. (thanks to Daily Joey)

"Being aware of how you want to feel in any activity makes it more likely that you will perform well and enjoy the activity, that is, make it a positive experience." (Jay Kimiecik)

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